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Elastic iPad Panel (HKIE2482)
Elastic iPad Panel

Elastic iPad Panel (HKIE2482)

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Part Number:HKIE2482

Upgrade your Helipad 1 or Helipad 3 Pilot Kneeboard with an iPad Panel.

The iPad Panel was designed to carry an iPad Mini, but will accommodate a full sized iPad or similar device.  Additionally, it will hold either device with or without a protective covering (Otterbox for example).  Other kneeboards simply cannot offer the same functionality.  Helipad Kneeboards are made with rugged, robust materials built to last, but nothing lasts forever.  That's why we made our iPad Panel with a replaceable elastic component.  The elastic securing the iPad can be replaced if worn so there's no need to purchase an entire kneeboard.  Please note that images include an Otter Box iPad case for demonstration purposes only.  We do not sell Otter Box cases  at this time.

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